The Countryside - Pyrénées Orientales


The countryside

'Local' in this case probably means all of the Roussillon region - that is département 66. There is a varied range of scenery in this region. The plain of Roussillon, largely a wine-growing area, is bounded by the coast in the East and the Pyrénées to the South and West. The plain extends east-west for about 20 miles and north-south for about 40 miles.

The département is divided into eight main areas, each with its own distinct geography:

It is this variety that explains a lot of the appeal of the area for holidaymakers. There are pursuits and environments to suit all types of person. When you add to this the further variety of the Spanish side of the Pyrénées, it becomes an almost unbeatable combination.

Canigou - view 1
The Etang beteen St. Cyprien & CanetPlage
Ceret - the cherry town

Mount Canigou dominates the plain of Roussillon

The Etang between St. cyprien and Canet-Plage, with Canigou in the background

Ceret is a delightful little town. It is great fun at the produce and craft market on Saturday mornings

Part I - the coastline


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